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Lap Harp Music

We offer new music for the 22-string lap harp arranged by Karl Wienand.

Harp Karl gave our daughter Kirsten a 22-string lap harp for her birthday several years ago, and needed to give her something to play on it.

She is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and has the persona of Lady Arawynn of Ravenhall.

The first book is mainly music she could play at such an event, as is the harp and flute book, written for her husband Scott (Efenwealt Wystle, a bard in the SCA). These books would also be good for Renaissance Faires.


Current offerings include:

Come to the Faire

For 22 string lap harp, intermediate level. It contains Renaissance paired dances such as Pavanes and Galliards with historical notes. This book was written to be a source book for people who play Renaissance faires. The selections can be played very nicely on bigger harps as well. Just add some more bass notes. I think this is one of our best books to date. It is really fun!

Kirsten's Harp Book

A beginner's book of Medieval and Celtic music. This book is used by many harp teachers for their beginning students.

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My Ladye Arawynn's Harp Book

Intermediate level music from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

Efen and Arawynn's Harp and Flute Book

An easy collection of Celtic and Medieval pieces for harp and flute/recorder.

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